• MARNUR Metal Detector Kit LCD Display Metal...

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    • 【Begin Your Treasure Hunting 】With this metal detector, you might be next lucky owner of unexpected metal treasure like ancient coins and artifacts buried as deep as 8 inches; Can also locate invisible cents, keys, or more indoors; Enjoy the excitement when hearing the beep
    • 【High Efficiency & Adjustable Sensibility & Awesome Accuracy 】 Scan with your hand metal detector over beaches, sands, farmland, or ruins at will thanks to 7 variable sensitivity levels; Set to discriminate metals or exclude unwanted targets. The advanced sensor brings a deeper detection of 8” to get accurate locations! MARNUR detector comes with a 1-year warranty
    • 【A Detector With the Most Gifts & Multifunctional Tools】 Enjoy a no-missing treasure hunting! Your detector metal includes a full scale of tools! Put the multifunctional shovel which can also work as a hoe, saw, hook and pick into your smaller bag and wear it on your belt, then dig your coins with the other rock, faster and easier than your friends! It also includes other bonus like the small bag and large multifunctional carry bag that other competitors don’t have.
    • 【Super Comfort & Highly Adjustable 】Your comfort and enjoyment is our #1 priority! This treasure metal detector underground features a super lightweight with armrest cushion and super soft foam on the handle to reach the most comfort when you avid detectorists using it even on long expeditions! The stem is highly adjustable (24”-34”) to fit for different users either adults or children, perfect for hunting with whole family members
    • 【Waterproof Search Coil -】This metal detector would not miss treasures in shallow waters or interrupt wonderful metal detecting in face of light rains; Wider diameter (9.84 inches) of search coil increases chance and accuracy of detecting targets
    UGX800,000UGX960,000 (VAT Inclusive)

    MARNUR Metal Detector Kit LCD Display Metal...

    UGX800,000UGX960,000 (VAT Inclusive)

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