• Niya Clay Mask And Body Scrub Oil Control...

    • By unclogging pores, it refines the pore size and balances the essential skin oils
    • Cleanses the pores and the skin surface, leaving it fabulously clean, smooth and a glow
    • Minimizes hyperpigmentation, dullness, acne, allergies, fine lines and rapid aging of the skin
    • Improves the smoothness, evenness and glow of all types of skin
    • Pamper your skin with the goodness and get radiant, soft, and supple skin all day long
    • A premium product with a sense of reliability and encouragement
    • We assure the authenticity and quality of our products
    • This product has been professionally inspected and tested
    • Quality is at the core of everything we do. We invest our resources only on what is important to you
    UGX36,250.00UGX60,000.00 (VAT Inclusive)

    Niya Clay Mask And Body Scrub Oil Control...

    UGX36,250.00UGX60,000.00 (VAT Inclusive)

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